Jewels members serves voluntarily and does not benefit financially from their services
"Being involved in our community"
Welcome to our volunteer page! Volunteer represent an essential part of the success of our students and our community
Jewels Foundation is involved in all aspects of our organization.  We welcome and appreciate your interest, time, and talent  for the benefit of others in our community
Get involved and become a Jewels Volunteer
Volunteering opportunities includes:
Event Planning
Program Assistance
Community Service Opportunities
Application & Information contact us at: Phone: (754)551-5459 Email:
Teen Volunteer Opportunities
Teen Volunteers: Making a difference…
The Benefits of Volunteering
Get to meet students from neighborning schools
Plus on your college application
Be involved in Community Events
Earn Community Service hours
Teaches job skills and values
Creates Team Building
It's Fun!
Enrolled in a Broward County School
Grades 7th - 12th
Required for Participation
Volunteer Opportunity Application
Valid Photo Id
Graduation Requirements
Florida students entering grades nine may choose from one of four options to earn a standard diploma.
24 - credit program*
18 - credit, Academically Challenging Cirriculum to Enhance Learning (ACCEL) option
An International Baccalaureate (IB) cirriculum
An Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) cirriculum
Become a Volunteer
Volunteers: Bring communities together…
The Benefits of Being a Volunteer
Instill leadership and team building in young people
Opportunity to give back
Help others
Be involved in Community Events
Required for Participant
Volunteer Application
Must be 18 yrs or older
Valid Photo Id
Please print, complete and submit Application (parent /guardian's signature is required if under 18 yrs.)
Mail to: Jewels Foundation
P.O Box 590274, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33359
Phone: (754)551-5459
                     Please contact us if you are interested in volunteer opportunities and to be placed on our rooster

Jewels Board thanks Broward County Public Schools for the opportunity to serve as Mentors to our community.                       ~Jewels Foundation Board

Jewels Board thanks Broward County Public Schools for the opportunity to serve as Mentors to our community.                       ~Jewels Foundation Board

Jewels Mentees serving with a smile...

Jewels serves our community; one event at a time

Need a Volunteer - call us... (754)551-5459

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