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ALL Jewels Executive Board, Board of Directors/Committee and Standing Members serves voluntarily, and does not benefit personally from their services 
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L Juliet Ashbourne 
Carlene Moore
Dr. Alysha Ashbourne 
Dave Ashbourne
Stacey Evans
Brigett Williams
Ronald Benjamin
Jodie Walters 
Janiel Morgan
Tiffany Blackwood
Denyse Williams
Samantha Francis
Claudette Hamilton
Carlene Walden
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Sasha Williams
 Maurice Borrows
Courtney Kevon
           L. Juliet Ashbourne                Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jewels Foundation Inc.

Juliet Ashbourne is the founder and chief executive officer of the Jewels Foundation Mentoring Program. She cares about others and believes in her community! Her passion for the welfare of children, has led to the creation of the Jewels Foundation.

Her knowledge is attributed to her twenty plus years of professional service as a government employee – Which afforded her a wide array of skills and abilities from the numerous positions held (Humans Resources Recruitment Specialist, Administrative Assistance, Office of Information Systems, Warranty Coordinator, Contracts Specialist and Engineering Technician, Project Manager) within the department.  Her experience is dependent upon her thirty plus years of mentoring and volunteering involvements, working in and around her communities. She is a certified Guardian ad Litem where she served as an advocated for neglect and abused children; mentored students enrolled in Taking Stock in Children; She lectures at the Expanding Horizons Mentoring Program; spoke at various shelters for women; tutored at local schools and is extremely active in her district, where she volunteers at local community and not for profit events within her region.

She uses her life’s experience and information gathered through research and communicating to motivate others; Reading and writing are her found passion, while travelling has become her hobby; She is confident yet secure; She live to laugh and longed to cry... She is a faith believer and prayer warrior.  She is a woman graced with a wealth of information, yet yearn for more knowledge…  the woman with a heart of gold and a tongue of fire; the woman with the strength of giants and the vigor of David; destined to move mountains; the woman with a mind filled with thoughts and the will to revolutionize; the woman with the hopes and dream to inspire others.

If your actions inspire others to dream

Jewels Foundation Inc.. is a nonprofit organization located in Broward County, Florida. On March 2015 our foundation became state certified to provide mentorship to students between the ages of ten thru eighteen enrolled in an educational institution in Broward County. The Foundation is approved by the Broward County Public School Board–can be found on their Community Involvement website.

Our coalition is comprised of diverse members ranging from professional to college students with a desire to improving our society through education. “We believe it takes a village to raise a child,” In ensuring a strong community, our members are dedicated to act as leaders by mentoring to students who faces situations and or need an experienced individual in which they can trust; the organization also distributes yearly, school supplies/material to ensure students has the necessary tool to succeed. In addition the foundation offers scholarship to those who qualifies. 


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