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The Jewels Foundation Mentor Program is designed to connect mentors in our organization with mentees.

Our mentors works with students to educate and inspire them in reaching their fullest potentials by completing high school; achieve a college education; pursue a professional career; and give back to their communities as leaders capable of affecting change. We are a jem, as we provide a wide array of services (coaching, counsel, educational growth, professional development, feedback, friendship, leadership, role-modeling, tutoring) to all we serve and has sustain success and growth since our inception.

Mentoring provides mentees with promise and untapped abilities with support and guidance about education and career goals. Our program matches students ages 10 - 18 years of age, with pro-social supportive adults as mentors; recruited from diverse fields including organizations, targeted businesses, civic organizations, professional student organizations, and college majors from criminal justice, social work, or related majors. Our goal is to build relationships as well as capacity with the limited budgets we all face.


There are benefits for mentors too – studies show that mentors gain an increased sense of intrinsic personal and professional satisfaction and enhanced leadership, teaching and communications skills.

Jewels Foundation Mentor Requirements - (Serve as a role model and assist mentee achieve her goals)

To become a Jewels Foundation Mentor applicants must complete the following:

* Must be eighteen (18) yrs. or older 

* Complete background clearance

* Complete Mentor Training/Overview

* Complete Jewels Foundation written application

* Complete Jewels Mentor Policy & Procedure Manual and Mentor Overview and Guideline handbook

* Provide two personal references

Broward County Public School Members Certification & Fingerprinting required

(free and easy as one-two-three) - (contact us for information)

Not a good time to be a mentor; how about other support?

If this is not a good time for you to make a mentoring commitment, would you be interested in supporting – Be a Mentor’s effort to recruit, train and match other volunteers with mentoree’s in our program.  Please support our efforts to make our community stronger and more prosperous by contributing.  Thank you!

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Congratulation Daniel on your award... #
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